Ken Walker, MBA, CPA
Managing Partner at Exeter Consulting & Capital Management
Ken is an Experienced Risk Professional who’s lived through a few economic cycles.
Exeter Consulting & Capital Management is a global management and technology consulting firm with headquarters in New York that realizes it is essential to work with clients who recognize that breaking down siloed risk is key to piloting their enterprises and maximizing profits. Ken, along with the company, provide strategic thinking and hands-on support to help financial institutions, public companies, fast-growing private companies, and regulators to manage growth and maximize performance.

to define what Financial Services 3.0 (Banking, Asset Management, and Insurance) will look like. This requires a deep understanding where we have been and how AI, ML, DLT, and Big Data will be utilized to support this effort. Strong knowledge of Basel 2.5, III, CCAR, DFAST 10-50, LCR, CVA, Volcker Rule, FRTB, structured finance, ETFs, credit derivatives inclusive of Indexes, CDSs, CDOs, CLOs, RMBSs, and SDOs. Helping banks address regulatory deficiencies, including Matters Requiring Attention (MRAs), and Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between banks and their regulatory agencies.