Vlad Mamut is CEO and co-founder, Apoji, Inc.

Accomplished business and technology leader and entrepreneur, with extensive Wall Street experience in corporate and investment banking, and a successful AI-tech startup. Vlad has led diverse cross-functional teams in delivering value to customers and partners in global fast-paced organizations like Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Dun and Bradstreet and BellSouth. He has an outstanding track record for execution, delivery, and strategic leadership, and an open-minded approach to solving everyday puzzles with collaborative and hands-on leadership style. His experience and combined knowledge of diverse industries that include FinTech, Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Insurance, and Healthcare enabled lasting success in a constantly changing business and technology climate. Vlad is a recognized thought leader and technology expert, passionate about innovation and solving business needs with practical and robust technical solutions and implementing resilient business and technology processes.

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